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Equipment Page

Listed here is the UC Merced Thermal and Electrochemical Laboratory (TEEL) equipment:

Fuel Cells

25 and 2 cm2 Fuel Cell with precise compression load control and liquid cooled cell temperature control.

Test Station

Customized Greenlight Innovation Fuel Cell Test Station capable of testing LT and HT PEM fuel cells up to 50 cm2, liquid-cooled cell module, fully automated temperature, pressure, RH controls with water collection.


High-performance Gamry Reference 3000 Potentiostat/Galvanostat/ZRA for accurate electrochemical and Impedance spectroscopy measurements. The Reference 3000 is a high-current, high-performance potentiostat well-suited for researchers studying batteries, fuel cells or supercapacitors. It is also well suited for general physical electrochemistry experiments requiring high voltages and high currents. For very high current applications, the Reference 3000 can be interfaced with the Reference 30K Booster.

Frequency: 10 µHz to 1 MHz
Current: 300 pA – 3 A
Max potential: ± 32 V

Modulated Speed Rotator (MSR) for half cell tests.

Rotating disk electrode (RDE) for electrocatalytic activity and stability Ring rotating disk electrode (RRDE) for reaction mechanism and intermedia product

Analytical Balances Torbal AGCN 100

Maximum Capacity

Readability (d)



Stabilization Time





+/- 0.0002g

Approx. 3s

Internal and Automatic


Tube Furnace Across International STF1200 700mm Length

Calcination of particle sample:

Temperature: Ambient~1200 °C
Temperature controller precision: ± 1°C
Rated vacuum pressure: 0.001 Pa
Rated positive pressure: 0.02 MPa

Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner

Cleaning Power


Tem. Control

Tank Volume

120 W

100 W


3 L

Magnetic Stir Plate and Digital Magnetic Hot Plate