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Graduate Student


Graduate Student


Shirin Mehrazi


Year joined the laboratory: 2018, PhD student

Major: Environmental Systems (ES)

Hometown: Shiraz, Iran

Why I joined: During my master’s study and two more years of graduate study, I have conducted several projects in the field of electrochemistry. The focus of my projects was on fundamentals. However, what I always wanted for my future as an engineer, is to convert fundamental knowledge to real industrial application. The cutting-edge technology of fuel cell is the best conversion of what I learnt as fundamentals to the real application in industry. I found current projects of the TEEL group very well defined and best opportunity for me to reach my goals.

Future Goals: I hope to be able to develop more efficient and cost-effective fuel cells, which are the best sources of clean energy for saving our planet.

Mrittunjoy Sarker (Joy)


Year joined the laboratory : Fall 2017, as a 1st year Ph.D. student

Major : Mechanical Engineering

Hometown : Dhaka, Bangladesh

Why I joined : I worked a lot on large and modern diesel engines in power plants. Now I want to acquire knowledge about something special which is used for almost the same purposes but having a different working principle. I think research on Fuel Cell has a prodigious prospect which may bring unique outcome for the well-being of the civilization. Moreover, I had a craving to be a part of the renowned UC system. TEEL has provided me with the opportunity to fulfill that dream. It’s really remarkable to me right now and I do have the resolution to make the future better. I love to make dreams true.

Future Goals : To be a doctorate and then to be an academician for spreading the light of education.

Mrittunjoy Sarker's CV/website

Marc Francis Labata


Year joined the laboratory : August 2017, Ph.D. Student

Major : Environmental Systems

Hometown : Tagum City, Davao del Norte, Philippines

Why I joined : With the lack of available resources back in my home country, it is a privilege to be a member of TEEL believing that it can provide me the necessary training and skill set as an aspiring researcher. I am also positive that TEEL will not only bring me advancement in doing scientific inquiries but will also prepare me to be a critical thinker in major personal life decisions. The professor is also committed in his role as an advisor who inspires his students to do well in the vast field of fuel cell research.

Future Goals : It is my responsibility as a scholar of my home country to participate in efforts aimed at developing technology for sustainable energy. I hope that I would be able to supervise research projects in the future and would have collaborations with seasoned researchers from across the world as well as mentor the younger generations interested in fuel cell research.

M. Azimur Rahman


Year joined the laboratory: 2016, 1st Year Ph.D. Student

Major : Mechanical Engineering

Hometown : Dhaka, Bangladesh

Why I joined : TEEL has an extremely organized environment which I feel is very important for doing high-quality research. I joined here because I want to do research in the thermal management section of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel cell and I believe Professor Chuang will be an excellent guide for me to achieve the experimental and computational skills in heat transfer that I wish to obtain. I consider myself very lucky to be a part of this brilliant group and I want to make the best use of this opportunity.

Future Goals: To complete my PhD and become a highly-skilled engineer.

Felipe Mojica


Year joined the laboratory: 2015, 2016 Master Student

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Bakersfield, CA

Why I joined: I am fascinated with the automotive industry and with fuel cells being a powerful zero emission candidate to replace the standard internal combustion engine in automobiles it was only a matter of time before I became drawn to fuel cells. At first glance, a fuel cell appears to be a simple device but upon closer inspection it requires a wealth of knowledge to understand the science that turns hydrogen and oxygen into water, electricity, and heat. It is a very exciting field of ongoing research.

Future Goals: It is my hope that I will eventually obtain a career in the automotive industry working with fuel cells.

Donglei Yang


Year joined the laboratory: 2015, Ph.D.

Major : Mechanical Engineering

Hometown : Xinbin, China

Why I joined : I have been working on fuel cells for 4 years and got my master's degree in China. To develop highly efficient fuel cell products is always my career goal. With advanced experiments, excellent group and professor, TEEL lab is a great place to further promote my professional knowledge and skills to shape my mind to get closer to this goal.

Future Goals : To become an excellent fuel cell product designer.