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Dr. Guangfu Li


Year joined the laboratory: 2015, Post-Doctorate

Major : Chemical Engineering

Hometown : Shaoyang, China

Why I joined : I really want to join TEEL group and take it as a lifetime opportunity to pursue the career development and personal ambition. I am very, very grateful to everyone who helped me to come here. It is time to give something back.

Future Goals : I am looking forward to 2016 as a year filled with faith, hope and love, and also as a new starting point to strive for excellence. For a longer time, I want to become an extraordinary enterpriser who can make a great contribution to the current society.

Dr. Li's CV

Dr. Nitul Kakati


Year joined the laboratory: 2018, Assistant Specialist

Major : Materials Science & Engineering

Hometown : Assam, India

Why I joined : I have been working in the field of energy conversion and storage throughout my research career. TEEL in UC Merced is an active research group in fuel cell and electrolysis and working under the supervision of Prof. Chuang as an experienced researcher will provide an invaluable complement to my research career. I believe that I can excel my present skills in materials research for electrochemical applications during my stay in TEEL.

Future Goals : My goal is to continue my effort to help promoting renewable and sustainable energy research to reduce dependency on fossil fuels and creating a greener world.