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Undergraduate Student


Undergraduate Student

Lawrence Anderson


Year joined the laboratory: Summer 2016

Major : Material Science & Engineering

Hometown : Naperville, Illinois

Why you joined : After taking a course with Professor Chuang, I realized that he is the type of person that takes an interest in his students and genuinely wants to see them succeed, and I knew that he was somebody that I wanted to learn from. I didn't know much about fuel cells before joining this lab, but I was immediately intrigued by the concept and potential applications of these efficient, zero-emission devices, and I want to have an impact on their development.

Future : Upon finishing my undergraduate degree here at UC Merced, I hope to obtain a masters degree related to nanoscience or energy storage. I hope to make a positive impact on the people and technology with which I work. I want to develop and patent a new super material that makes me enough money to buy a personal space shuttle.

Nihal Shah


Year joined the laboratory: 2016, 3rd year

Major : Mechanical Engineering

Hometown : Dublin, CA

Why you joined : I joined TEEL because I am interested in renewable energy and energy storage, as well as to learn about current research and how labs work in general. In addition, I was excited to have the opportunity to apply some of the theory that I've learned in my coursework.

Future : I plan to either get a job after I graduate or to get a master's degree. I'm currently leaning towards the latter though I'm not sure.

Zachary Zisser


Year joined the laboratory: 2016, 4th year (Senior)

Major : Mechanical Engineering

Hometown : San Diego, CA

Future : My goals in life are to strive to learn as much as I can, so that I may help the world develop and grow.

Jeffrey Ali


Year joined the laboratory: 2016, 3rd year (Junior)

Major : Mechanical Engineering

Hometown : Vallejo, CA

Why you joined: I Joined TEEL after taking thermodynamics with Professor Chuang. I enjoyed the concepts discussed during the course, especially dealing with energy, and wanted to learn more about the field.

Future : After graduation I would like to work in the energy industry on renewable forms of energy.

Eliezar Vigdorchik


Year joined the laboratory: 2017, 3rd year (Junior)

Major : Mechanical Engineering

Hometown : Redwood City, CA

Why you joined: I joined TEEL because I enjoy working with mechatronics systems and it afforded me the opportunity of working in a group environment and with support on improving efficient integration of alternate energy systems.

Future : I hope to get more involved with medical devices and medical equipment implementing mechatronics based solutions for medical problems and abnormalities.

Amiel Ray Cristobal


Year joined the laboratory : Summer 2017

Major : Mechanical Engineering

Hometown : Philippines, Bulacan

Why you joined: I joined TEEL because it provides me an opportunity to develop my engineering skills while enjoying my passion of learning about renewable and zero-emission energy. After taking Professor Chuang's Thermodynamics class, I have grown interest in fuel cells. His class also expressed to me how he truly cares about all of his students.

Future : After my undergraduate , I plan to go to graduate school or continue pursuing a career in the energy field to create a positive impact in the world and technology.


Sonia Desaidamle


Year joined the laboratory : Fall 2017 (3rd year)

Major : Mechanical Engineering

Hometown : Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Why you joined: I joined TEEL because I am fascinated by different methods of energy transfer, storage, and improved efficiency. I love that TEEL incorporates my favorite subjects, such as Thermodynamics, Chemistry, Materials Science, and even advanced Mathematics, into creating new technologies that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Future : I want to continue to develop clean energy technologies and implement them in the automotive and aerospace fields. I hope to make these technologies competitive enough to render non-renewable energy sources obsolete. I also plan to pursue a master's degree and possibly a Ph.D related to clean energy technologies.